Use the following guidelines to set-up your Android device.

In your mail app, click on “Add Account” and you will be presented with the following options of different mail client setups.

Click on “Other” to start setting your device up.

You will be prompted to input your user-name and password. However, once you do that do not click on “sign in” as we will need to setup the details manually.

Once you have placed your user-name and password, to click on “Manual Setup” at the bottom. A prompt will ask you to choose either from POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

1. POP3  and IMAP Setup

When choosing to setup a POP3 account, you will be asked to input your user-name, password and server settings:

Click “Sign in” and your account will be created. 

The same setup is used for IMAP, see below screenshots showing the setup which looks the same, just different ports are used. 

2. Exchange Setup

The last option you can choose from is “ ActiveSync “ this is a great setup if you need to manage your emails as well as your calendars. This option is only available to premium mailboxes.

Click on “ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync “ and you will be prompted with the following:

Click on “Sign in” to complete the ActiveSync setup.