The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines to SYNAQ Clients if they want to setup IMAP or POP3 in their Outlook Clients.

Steps on setting up IMAP and POP3

Step 1: Opening up Control Panel

  • Click on the Magnifying Glass in your Windows Task bar and type : "Control Panel"

  • Once you have opened the Control Panel App to locate the " Mail " Application and click on the application " Mail (Microsoft Outlook) "

  • You will see a popup window that will allow you to view " email accounts " , " data files " and lastly " profiles " ... click on " Show Profiles " 

  • In the next pop-up window to click on " Add " to go create a new profile

  • You will be prompted to name the profile and start choosing the options in order to choose IMAP and POP3 setup

  • In the next screen you will then be able to choose from IMAP or POP3 which follows the page to setup your account with server name and your username and password

  • Incoming and Outgoing server must be " "
  • Next you will need to click on " More Settings" to make sure the Outgoing settings use the same authentication as Inbound.

  • Click " OK " to head back to the credential page in order to test your connection.
  • Click on " Next " to check your credentials to confirm you are able to login and send mail

  • Once the test is completed to click on "Close" to complete your setup.